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New Technology



The Odyssey Laser is a portable, state-of-the-art machine designed to use lasers for soft tissue modifications and preventative dental care.

When a patient is treated with the Odyssey Laser, there is no need for anesthesia because minimal trauma is caused to a patient's gums and teeth. In fact, patients who have undergone treatment using the machine have said it is more comfortable than a standard procedure.

In addition to being more comfortable, the recovery time of surgical procedures is reduced.


Summit Dental proudly offers CEREC single-visit crowns.

We know how busy our patient's lives can be, and our goal is to be as efficient as possible to make a trip to our office as easy as possible. With CEREC, we can offer our patients high-quality crowns without forcing them to return to our office to have the crown placed.

The CEREC system provides us Computer Assisted Manufacture technology, which lets us quickly design and create a crown that fits your tooth perfectly.

In addition to simplicity, CEREC crowns are durable, metal-free and feature a natural look and feel.


The Sybron system helps ensure a complete root canal is properly filled and lasting results are achieved.