CEREC Same Day Crown

Dental assistant assisting with CEREC technologyWhen it comes to treating teeth affected by physical damage, such as a fracture, or a larger amount of decay, a crown is most often the recommended treatment. Crowns are also frequently used following a root canal. They help to protect the tooth and give it back the strength it needs to function just like it used to. The problem with the traditional crown procedure, however, is that you have to schedule two appointments. Summit Dental Care can provide you with a dental crown in just one appointment with CEREC.

What’s the Problem with Two Appointments?

The traditional crown procedure requires that you have two separate appointments. While this might not seem like a major issue at first, there are a few drawbacks. First, an additional appointment means that you need to take more time out of your busy schedule. While you are waiting for your crown to be completed, you have to wear a temporary crown. The crown might not properly protect your tooth or can fall out. This can increase your risk of developing an infection. Moreover, if your final crown does not fit properly when you come back for your second appointment, it may need to be sent back to the lab for adjustments. This means that you need to schedule yet another appointment.

Single Visit Crowns with CEREC

CEREC technology allows us to provide you with a gorgeous, natural ceramic crown in just one appointment. After preparing your tooth, we then take a digital impression. Your crown is designed on the computer. Our in-house milling unit then uses that design to cut out your custom crown, all while you wait in the office. Once the crown has been cut out from the ceramic, it is finished. When complete, we can fix it right away. If any adjustments are needed, we can make them right in the office. After the adjustments are made, we can then cement the crown into place on the tooth. You do not have to schedule additional appointments. Everything is done in one visit.

Improving Your Smile and Your Oral Health

CEREC crowns are made from ceramic, a material that allows us to create perfectly natural restorations that look exactly like the rest of your natural teeth. Once cemented onto the tooth, there is no distinguishing the crown from the rest of your teeth. In addition to improving the appearance of your smile, ceramic is also a durable material. It may not have the same strength as metal, but it can easily face most normal daily use. The material is as strong, and in some cases stronger, than your natural teeth. Even so, ceramic can still be damaged, so it is important to take good care of your crowns.

Can CEREC Make Other Restorations?

Crowns are not the only ceramic restorations that CEREC can make. This technology can also be used to make ceramic veneers, inlays, and onlays. It can also be used to make bridges, crowns for Dental Implants, and even implant surgical guides.

If you need a crown, CEREC crowns can provide you with a beautiful new restoration in just one appointment. For more information, call Summit Dental Care at (208)733-9999 today.
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