Dentistry for Kids
Twin Falls, ID

Young girl brushing her teethAdults are not the only ones who need to take good care of their mouths. Oral care is important from the very early years. Your child’s oral care is essential for ensuring that their mouth grows and develops properly and that they avoid serious issues such as cavities and infections. At Summit Dental Care, we can help you to take good care of your child’s mouth with dentistry for kids.

Why is Dental Care Important for Kids?

Even kids need dental care. It’s recommended that children be seen by their first birthday for their very first appointment, even if they do not yet have any teeth. The baby teeth, while temporary, perform numerous essential functions. Taking good care of them is important for ensuring that they perform those functions properly. Part of good oral care is having your child’s teeth cleaned and examined twice a year, just like you.

Preventative Dental Care

A big part of the preventative care we provide for your child is routine cleanings and exams. Cleanings eliminate buildup from their teeth, which helps to prevent the development of decay and cavities. Exams are important for the early detection of issues so that we can treat them before they turn into something worse. We can also spot potential orthodontic issues, which might require early treatment or braces to correct.

In addition to cleanings and exams, we provide other preventative services for kids as well. We can provide sealants and fluoride treatments, which help your child to prevent cavities further. We can also provide your child with a custom mouthguard if they play sports to help protect their teeth, jaws, and other soft tissues in their mouth.

Restorative Dental Care

Even with good preventative care, cavities and other issues can still develop. Should your child develop a cavity, damage a tooth, or have any other oral health issue, we can help to diagnose it and provide them with the care they need to restore the health of their mouth. We can provide your child with fillings for cavities, dental crowns for damaged or decayed teeth, tooth extractions, and more. With restorative care, we can help to protect your child’s oral health and ensure proper development as they continue to grow.

Helping Your Child Take Care of Their Mouth at Home

A big part of your child’s dental care takes place right at home. We can help you through all stages of growth to ensure that you and your child take good care of their mouth. Oral care starts early, even before the first baby teeth appear. As the teeth begin to erupt, we can help you to take good care of them and help your child prevent cavities. As your child gets older and becomes more independent, we can help them to understand the importance of taking good care of their teeth. We can also provide you with tips on how to motivate your child and empower them to take care of their teeth at home.

For more information about the dental services that we provide for children, and to schedule an appointment for your child, call Summit Dental Care at (208)733-9999 today.

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